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As many of you know, I try and start my days with a good long walk. I usually walk for an hour or so.  I’ve been doing this for years and relish and cherish the time. When I was working in a “job”, my morning walk would be super early, often heading out around 5:20am. At that time, the walk was as much a meditation as anything, some time to think, some time to just clear my mind. But either way, if I didn’t/don’t get my morning walk in, my day is just not the same.

In the last few months I made a change, and started listening to books on tape during my walk. This addition has been incredible, because it’s allowed me to add an element to my day that I’ve always felt lacking. I’ve always been a voracious reader, but I read for entertainment and escape. I like spy novels and thrillers and mysteries. I have tried reading non-fiction, especially business books, but find they put me to sleep, and they become a bear to slog through. NO FUN! But there’s so many great books I’ve wanted to read. So by switching to getting these as audiobooks, I’ve accessed a whole new world.

In the last few weeks, I’ve started adding podcasts to my morning routine, along with listening to YouTube videos, which has added yet another layer of content and depth to my morning ritual and routine. The take-away for me, which is what “inspired” me today to write another blog post, after being dormant for a couple months, was listening to two of my favorite speakers this morning. Gary “Vee” Vaynerchuk & Simon Sinek.

Imagine what it would be like to start every day pumped, jazzed, and ready to take on the day with vigor, energy and INSPIRED!. Is this how you start YOUR day? And if not, what might it be like if you could? It may not be for everyone, but I know for me, it makes a significant difference to how much I accomplish on a given day, how my interactions with others go (employees, friends, colleagues or even family…) and if given the choice, this is how I’d choose to start every day!

So why not? Seek out inspiration everywhere. With the access we have to social media, there’s no lack of great content and it’s easily accessed. If you’re older and unsure of where to find this, ask a millennial. Or if you’re really desperate, you can even ask me. My wish for everyone, including myself, is that we find inspiration at the start of EVERY day, and that those feelings are what set the tone for your day and help you “unleash your inner awesome!”

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