Isn’t it time for an end to partisan politics? Part II

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One of my first experiences questioning where I actually stood on the political spectrum happened many years ago when Lara and I were checking out schools for the boys. We were very focused on finding the best education we could for them, and as such visited many different schools in the Seattle area, both public and private.


I recall we were visiting one of the “alternative” schools in Seattle and were totally blown away by what we perceived at the time as the extreme, almost overt uber liberal political bent of the school. We weren’t bothered by the couches in the hallways and classrooms, or by the lack of report cards and grades but the overt anti-Zionist and anti-Israel display, on the walls in classrooms and public areas, really threw us for a loop. It was our first experience of what I have come to think of as the bandwagon liberal left politics that today I believe are dominating our culture.


Now please don’t get me wrong. I have no problems with those who have differing opinions and perspectives than mine. The challenge come when because of those differences, we are unable to dialogue and/or have discussions because one side is absolutely sure they are right, and if you don’t share their view, you are clearly on the opposing side. And THAT is what I believe was happening when my firend pointed out that the candidates I was supporting in our upcoming local elections were the “conservatives” and how could I, as a “progressive” support them.


So FINALLY we get to the whole reason for these posts. The issues politically today have become, IMHO, so much more complex and transcend party politics and affiliation. How many of you know folks you think of as “conservative” but are super open to the LGBTQ community and support women’s rights. At the same time, many of us know folks we think of as “liberal” but are super fiscally conservative and support corporate tax incentives and many of the financial positions of the Republican party and platform.


It is my real belief that politics today have finally transcended party platforms and affiliation. Especially if we hope to move beyond the current situation we find ourselves in today, with the current presidential administration, something needs to change, and it needs to change soon. Gone should be the time when we judged someone with a different perspective simply because of who they affiliate with politically, and especially if we hope to find common ground and be able to communicate our concerns to one another, partisan politics need to become a thing of the past!

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