It’s a New Day!

For those who don’t know, I made a huge shift this past summer and have taken a leap of faith. I am determined to make a go of it on my own. In other words, I am hoping I’ve had my last “boss”. I have been blessed with a very rich life; rich in friends, rich in family, rich in having had the opportunity to do work that I’ve loved for many, many years.

That said, I’ve been successful in almost every way – except for financially. Part of that, I believe, has to do with the fact that I’m an “out-of-the-box” kinda guy, and more often than not, those I have worked for have been unable to appreciate the value I brought to their organizations.

So – the way to resolve this – is to try to make a go of it on my own! It’s pretty scary actually, but I am super excited at the possibilities that lay ahead and I am filled with thoughts and ideas of ways to do the things I love – such as writing this blog, on a regular basis. So – as I learned in the last few days – goals are harder to meet if you don’t share them with others – I’m gonna lay it out here for all to see and do my best to stay true to my word and vision!

My number one goal – starting here – is to add a new post at least 2-3 times a week, from here forward. I also plan on getting back to posting on social media, which has fallen off my to-do list, and that I’m going to commit to posting something daily! Whether it be on Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter, my hope is to post things people enjoy reading, are fairly quick to digest, and also give you something to think about.

Now to be a little more personal – I’m also committed to losing weight! There – I’ve said it! OY! By January 1st, 2018, I want to be looking at the underside of 200lbs, a goal that has eluded me for many years (other than after I’ve been really sick!). So – as a recap; today is the first day of the rest of my life! And here are the first goals I’m laying out for myself;

  1. Add 2-3 new posts a week on
  2. Add daily to my other social media sites
  3. Be under 200lbs by Jnauary 1st, 2018

Wish me luck and I hope you’ll both help me AND join me on this journey!

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    • tzachi

      Thanks so much Josh. I just had coffee with a good friend and shared with him your quick response, and how appreciative I was of it. I love that I still have you as a good friend/cousin/brother/relative, even from afar. Thank you as always – for all you are and do!

    • tzachi

      Thanks so much Linda. And I look forward to having the four of us connect sometime soon. I understand you connected with Lara on FB and hope we’ll make that dinner happen soon. All the best!

  1. Elizabeth

    Thanks for this post Tzachi. I’ve been going through lots of transitions as my kids have headed off to college and made some personal commitments too. Although I don’t know you that well, I appreciate your strength, intelligence, caring, and relaxed manner. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and action to make the world better for those near and far. I believe that you would be a great help to any company lucky enough to employ you. So, I’m glad that you will be working for you. Good luck!

    • tzachi

      Thanks so much Elizabeth for your very kind words. You know how in life, there are people who move through it that you think, “were circumstances otherwise, we’d probably be good friends?” I always think of you and Phil like that. In this age of social media, we have all become voyeurs or the lives of those around us, and I have always appreciated and respected the choices and decisions the two of you have made and done – both for yourselves and your kids.

      When I wrote this morning, as always, I took a leap of faith to just put it out there on the chance someone’s paying attention, and you (and a few others!) have heartily validated the effort. Thanks again for the kind words – continue being you, and I look forward to our paths crossing again sometime down the road!

  2. Marianne has served me well on goal #3! 🙂 I’ll look forward to reading more of your posts on a variety of topics in a non-FB format!

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