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So I’ve always been someone with strong opinions and not only, not afraid to share them, but there’s nothing I love more that a good deep conversation on a topic I care and feel passionately about. Whether it be parenting, Israel, leadership, social justice or anything else. That said, as the years have passed, and society and the world has changed around me, I’ve found that my views and thoughts seem to have shifted from fairly “very left/liberal” to what seems like a more moderate centrist (dare I say “conservative!?”) position. The kicker is, I really don’t believe my views have changed all that much.

The best place to see this in action is our involvement now in the local politics of our fair city, Bellevue, Washington. I am planning on speaking to the Bellevue City Council this week, as I have done numerous times before, but I think I’m gonna kick it up a notch and try and post a video of what I plan on sharing. Wish me luck and stay tuned!

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  1. josh

    what exactly is ‘conservative’ social justice? that’s like fried chillies. and not gonna wish you luck. i’ll wish you confidence and courage. Go get ’em Taz!

    • tzachi

      True to your word my friend!! I’m pretty sure I didn’t say “conservative social justice” – which I agree is kinda like fried chilies or military intelligence (no disrespect meant to those in the military), jumbo shrimp, yadda, yadda, yadda. What I meant though is that over the last few years, the folks with whom I’d identified, what I though of as the “liberal left”, seem to have become even more “left” than I am, and I’m feeling almost shuttled to the center. I am also finding myself defending folks with whom I don’t necessarily agree with, simply for no other reason than I feel it’s important to respect their voice. So much to say and LOTS to talk about…

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